Promoting Match Success with the Toronto Wolfpack

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Toronto Wolfpack is Canada's first professional Rugby League team & the world's first transatlantic major professional sports team playing in the RFL in the UK, based at Lamport Stadium aka “the Den”.

The team launched in spring 2016 and have enjoyed many successes in their first year including winning all of their league matches in England.

This season, the team have been using Hytera radios for communication between coaches, analysts and the support team. As a transatlantic team, the Wolfpack travel frequently, requiring reliable communication, on the move.

Essential Communication

For a professional sports team, communication is essential to ensure that information can be passed from the coaches and analysts to supporting team members and subsequently the players.

Previously the team used old analogue radios and commonly experienced issues with clarity and reliability. Communications repeatedly dropped out, whilst coaches and statisticians struggled to relay information.

The new Hytera PD50XLF digital radios supplied to the team, deliver clear communication; ensuring instructions can get through quickly to the right people.


A lightweight, practical solution

The PD50XLF licence free functionality was an ideal solution for the team's requirements,offering immediate and reliable on-site communications easily covering the working area.

The Hytera PD50XLF radios are sleek and lightweight at only 260grams and offer the latest digital noise cancellation technology for superior call clarity. The handheld radios are also IP54 rated against dust and water ingress to withstand the rough and tumble around the pitch side.

The intuitive, user-friendly design of the PD50XLF allows easy migration from analogue to digital with minimal training, ready to go straight out of the box, with lithium-ion battery technology that gives the team superior talk time.


Thanks to the new devices, Toronto Wolfpack now have a reliable communication system that supports the team on match days and in training. The new handsets have helped bring together the operational team to ensure the Wolfpack's continued succes.

Voice from Customer

“The new radios have worked great. They seem a lot lighter than previous brands we have used and very clear.”
“They help the head coach and I communicate during games, give feedback to the players on the field, and discuss changing scenarios amongst the coaching staff to alter tactics etc.”
                                                                                             —— Simon Finnigan, Assistant Coach