Hytera TETRA Radio Serves the Biggest Port of Ghana



Tema port, the largest port in Ghana, is situated on the eastern coast of the country, occupying a big area of over 3.9 million square meters. The port receives an average of over 1650 vessel calls per year. These comprise container vessels, general cargo vessels, tankers, Ro-Ro and cruise vessels amongst many others.
85% of Ghana's trade is done through the ports with shipping routes and vessel calls to and from all continents through both direct and transshipment services.


Located within the industrial city of Tema and 30KMs from the capital city of Ghana, the port's environs serve as a logistic point for the activities of Inland Clearance Depots (ICDs), Warehouses, Transport and haulage companies, freight forwarders, factories and related service centers. In terms of the complex and multitudinous operations, radio communication system is needed to be upgraded on modernized data communication management to cope with their daily operation.
Meanwhile, each work line should calls and receives messages independently among a talking group, and the talking group can be easily divided and then regrouped flexibly if needed.

Hytera Solution

Hytera TETRA System has been installed to upgrade the existing legacy system. By the feature of compatibility, it is more cost-effective for the client to expend communication needs.
Apart from the voice communication, Hytera TETRA solution provides diversified data services and comprehensive operation platform. In that regard, the communication in the port enters into data management era with the help of voice recording, visual dispatch and radio-mobile phone interconnection, etc.

Benefits Brought by Hytera Solution

Various Call types

TETRA solution can divide all the users in various groups and independent group call can be realized according to the different requirements.

GPS Positioning

Location information of all staff on duty, port security personnel and all engineering team members, can be visually displayed and monitored in real time on the dispatcher system.

PABX Interconnection

PABX interconnection contributes to fulfill radio and mobile phone bi-direction communication, offering convenient & flexible communication with different tools and improving the working efficiency of all departments.