Turkish National Police Upgrades the Security Level with Hytera X1e


Turkish National Police met Hytera in the year 2007 following the purchase of TC3600 model radio sets and accessories. Actually, the Turkish National Police were a little upset at that time in terms of various problems they had had with other radio communication companies. However, after they started to use Hytera's products they were satisfied with the ergonomic design and the quality of the products. Not long after their first purchase, they sought further cooperation with Hytera and renewed most of their radio sets which required essential upgrades.

After then, Turkish National Police has kept a close eye on Hytera's every new product release. In 2012, when X1e, the world's thinnest & smallest full power digital portable radio was released, the Turkish National Police had no hesitate to purchase 1150 X1e Portable Radios and 40 Hytera smart dispatch system.



The Turkish National Police are mission critical users which have higher communication requirements. Firstly, compared with huge and heavy ordinary walkie-talkie, small and covert radios are more preferred by front line police. Secondly, very secure communications need to be guaranteed because once the communication data is revealed, it will directly endanger national security. Lastly, GPS positioning is needed for officers to track out the front line police quickly to know the status and dispatch the staff.

Hytera Solutions

Hytera recommended for the customer the world's first professional covert DMR portable radio X1e. Its compact design and wireless headsets fully guarantee the equipment concealed during tasks. In addition, AES encryption algorithm & 256 digit dynamic encryption keys are applied to make sure the communication data can't be cracked by third-party. Hytera also provided its professional smart dispatch system, through which the officials in the command center can keep abreast of the position information of personnel and then command and dispatch efficiently and quickly.

Values Brought by Hytera Solution

Adnan FİKİRLİ, Chief Superintendent of Department of Anti Smuggling and Organized Crime, expresses that the production of Hytera X1e series physical surveillance radio sets is a milestone for their department. Being a product developed with feedbacks from their organizations, the Hytera X1e series, as a covert type radio set, also makes them proud of using it. Until now, the product had major contribution to the communication needs of their field and physical surveillance teams.

Besides the high evaluation on products, Adnan FİKİRLİ also says the customer-based commercial approach, qualified technical service including maintenance, fix and repair, the quick feedbacks despite the distance and time difference between their country and China provided the level of usage efficiency of Hytera products very high till now.

Voice from Customer

“We hope that, as the inevitable need of our country, the encrypted digital trunking systems will be established in Turkey with direct contribution of Hytera. Meanwhile, we'd like to inform all that the DMR trunking system deployed in our Bolu province proved successful results in the ongoing tests.”
                           —— Adnan FİKİRLİ, Chief Superintendent, Department of Anti Smuggling and Organized Crime