TETRA Digital Mobile Radio

MT680 Plus

Versatile operating modes

In addition to direct mode (DMO) and trunked radio mode (TMO) the MT680 Plus supports operation as ETSI DMO gateway and as ETSI type 1A-DMO repeater. If the MT680 Plus is operated in this new operating mode, the range of application of connected TETRA users increases tremendously.

Excellent audio quality

The MT680 Plus contains an audio chip with optimized noise suppression. Users who need clear radio communication in noisy environments profit from optimized audio quality and the related enhanced comprehensibility.

Robust, durable constructions and easy handling

The robust design of the MT680 Plus is crowned by a large TFT LCD display with 260,000 colors that allows trouble-free access to all of the information even in bright sunlight. The user-friendly user interface, entry via keypad and an efficient 4-Watt speaker ensure an excellent operation and handling and a high quality of communication. Furthermore, you can customize the menu structure on the user interface to suit your specific needs and in this way reduce it to the functions that are essential for you.

Extreme quality and flexible installation

Thanks to its high flexibility MT680 Plus can be practically installed anywhere. You can install the operating head separately where the control elements are easily accessible. The control head is dust-proof and water-proof according to IP67 and is extremely efficient even in critical situations. A desktop cabinet with integrated power supply (230V) is available so that the MT680 Plus can be used as a basic dispatcher, for example in a small office such as reception desk or a gatehouse.

Immediate and direct communication

Thanks to the high 10 Watt transmit power you can reach your team colleagues even over large distances. The MT680 Plus offers fast access to the TETRA mobile radio network and the roaming services. Moreover, the device is compatible with the base stations and other terminals of different manufacturers.

Versatile services and functions

MT680 Plus supports voice and data services of the TETRA standard. Thanks to the integrated GPS function a precise positioning is possibly any time. The optional encryption offer additional important advantages.

Bluetooth 4.0

The MT680 Plus is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 module and can be used with wireless audio accessories. Compatible Bluetooth devices can be searched and detected automatically.

Dimensions (L x W x H, with front plate)70 × 184 × 201 mm
Weight (with front panel)1.9 kg
Operating voltage10.8 - 15.6 V (standard 13.2 V)
Call group number (TMO)
Call group number (DMO)
Phone book
2000 entries
Group folders - TMO (use for scanning, scan list)200 ( 200 groups per list)
Group folders – DMO
50 (200 groups per list)
Number of short messages (SDS) (input, output, drafts)
400 / 50 / 50
Number of status messages
LCD display
320 x 240 pixels, 260,000 colors, 2.8 inches
Audio power output
4 W (internal), 10 W (external, optional)
Programmable keys
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range-25 °C to +65 °C
Storage temperature range
-40 °C to +85 °C
Relative humidity
ETS 300 019 (95 %)
Protection against dust and moisture

IP54 (radio unit); IP67 (control module)

IEC60529 or GB-4208-93

Shock and vibration resistance


Built in BluetoothR4.0 module
Bluetooth LE support
Radio characteristics
Frequency ranges

320 – 380 MHz

380 – 430 MHz

405 – 475 MHz

806 – 870 MHz

Channel spacing25 kHz
Transmitting power


10 Watt / 40 dBm (Power Class 2)

3 Watt / 35 dBm (Power Class 3)

1 Watt / 30 dBm (Power Class 4)

0.3 Watt / 25 dBm (Power Class 5)

Open Loop Power Control

Receiver classETSI EN 392-2/396 class A
Static receiver sensitivity
-112 dBm (standard -116 dBm)
Dynamic receiver sensitivity
-103 dBm (standard -108 dBm)
GPS antenna
External antenna
≤ -154 dBm
Number of channels/satellites

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update: 2017-12-28

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