TETRA ATEX Portable Radio

PT790 Ex

Maximum safety

As the first TETRA handheld radio throughout the world with "ia" approval, the PT790 Ex can be used in areas in which an explosive atmosphere containing a mix of air and combustible gases, vapors or mists are permanently present (Zone 0). In addition, the radio can be used in areas where hazardous materials are only present under certain circumstances/conditions (Zone 1).

Robust & reliable

The PT790 Ex offers excellent features even under harsh operating conditions. The device is dust-proof and waterproof in accordance with IP67 degree of protection, withstanding submersion in 1 meter of water for a duration of up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, the PT790 Ex meets the requirements of the US MIL-STD-810 F/G standard.

Functions for industrial safety

To offer the maximum possible industrial safety, the PT790 Ex features a man down alarm sensor and an adjustable time alarm (lone worker). The standard equipment GNSS module receives positioning data via GPS, GLONASS and Beidou and can transfer these data for further analysis to the control room or an AVL dispatcher.

Immediate and direct TETRA communication

PT790 Ex provides rapid access to the TETRA radio network and to its services. It meets the regulations of the ETSI TETRA standard and is therefore compatible with infrastructures and terminals from various manufacturers.

Various functions

Besides voice and data communication, the PT790 Ex offers many additional functions: Encryption, programmable keys, etc. A rugged side connector is provided for connection of a wide range of approved lightweight and heavy duty headsets, helmet sets, etc.

High-strength LCD protective cover

The high-strength LCD protective cover is extremely scratch-resistant. As part of the ATEX compliance testing the screen can withstand the impact of a 1 kg ball, dropped on it from a 1 m height.

Countersunk screws

To minimize the possibility of a discharge at the belt clip, the screws for fastening the belt clip are countersunk. If the radio should ever be dropped, the screws will not touch the ground.

Frequency Range 320-380MHz
RF Power Output 1W
Battery 1800mAh(standard)   
Battery Life (5/5/90) >16 Hours(1800mAh)
>20 Hours(2500mAh)
Dustproof & Waterproof IP67 Per IEC60529
IP5X Per IEC60079-0:2011 
Dimensions(HxWxD) 144.8x55x40.7mm 
Weight 515g  

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update: 2017-12-28

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