TETRA Intrinsically Safe Portable Terminal

PT580H Plus UL913

The PT580H UL913 is a UL913-certified, intrinsically safe handheld radio for demanding and professional operation. Even in an environment of explosive gases and flammable materials, the PT580H UL913 always offers effective voice and data communication.

The robust, ergonomic unit design and the high security standards provide you with secure TETRA communication in every environment.

Compact design and easy to use

The PT580H UL913 combines a compact housing with large buttons for exceptional ease of use. In addition, the handheld radio features a high-resolution, transflective 1.8" color display. This prevents operating errors, even when wearing gloves or in poor visibility.

Long and safe operating time

The battery of the PT580H UL913 has a particularly high capacity which enables it to provide a very long operating time. The design of the battery ensures additional security: A special locking mechanism prevents the insertion of batteries that are not designed for the device. This, in turn, prevents the use of batteries in the PT580H UL913 that are not intrinsically safe.

Highest security through UL913

The handheld radio offers outstanding TETRA features under harsh operating conditions and in environments of explosive gases and flammable materials. The PT580H UL913 is certified in accordance with the UL913 standard with "Class I II III Division 1 Group C-G -30°C - +50 °C T4". As a result, it ensures a reliable communication in environments that could contain explosive gases and flammable materials.

Certified for operation in demanding environments

Besides the UL913 standard, the device meets the requirements of the MIL?-?STD?- 810 C?/?D?/?E?/?F?/?G? standard and has passed the HALT? tests (Highly Accelerated Life Test).

Frequency range

380 – 430 MHz

410 – 470 MHz / 806 – 870 MHz

Dimensions (H×W×D, with standard battery, without antenna)127.5 × 54.5 × 460 mm
Weight (with battery, without antenna)

400 g

Operating voltage

7.4 V

Battery (lithium-ion battery)

2400 mAh (standard battery)

Battery service life (5/5/90 duty cycle)1300 Watt max. with 4 carriers
Digital external alarm inputs and outputs

> 20 hours (standard battery)

Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range

-25 °C to +55 °C

Storage temperature range

-40 °C to +85 °C

Relative humidity
ETS 300 019 (95 %)
Protection against dust and moisture
IEC60529 IP67
Shock and vibration resistance
Intrinsic Safety

UL913 Class I II III Division I Group C-G

-30 °C to +55 °C T4

Radio characteristics
Channel spacing25 kHz
Transmitting power

up to 1 W (adjustable)

Receiver class

ETSI EN 392-2 / 396-2 class A

Static receiver sensitivity
-112 dBm (typical -116 dBm)
Dynamic receiver sensitivity
-103 dBm (typical -105 dBm)



≤ -138 dBm Reception sensitivity;

≤ -154 dBm Signal tracking sensitivity

Time to first fix (TTFF) cold start
< 50s
Time to first fix (TTFF) warm start
< 10s

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update: 2017-12-28

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