Hytera DMR Trunking Cube Base Station


Flexible Deployment

The Hytera Trunking Cube Base Station features fast deployment.Four installation options are available to match your communication scenarios:wall-mounted for indoor coverage,pole-mounted for outdoor coverage,vehicle-mounted for emergency situations,and box-mounted for temporary operation.

Save time and cost in installation and associated space required,unleashing the potential of Tier III trunking in any environment.

All in One

Based on multicarrier technology,the Hytera Trunking Cube Base Station is highly integrated and is able to be powered on to work upon arrival,saving you time and money on installation and deployment.

Large Coverage

The Trunking Cube Base Station can provide excellent coverage.It supports diversity receiving and can be directly receiving and can be directly mounted on antenna masts,buildings and towers,reducing feeder loss.

High Spectrum Efficiency

Based on multicarrier technology,channel spacing is more than 50KHz insteaed of  the traditional 250KHz plus.What's more,it can work in DMR trunking simulcast mode,which means all base stations implemented in a single network can adopt the same frequencies.

Eco-friendly Design

The highly integrated componnets ensure power consumption is less than 550W,supported with the eye-catching blade heat sink design to guarantee good heat dissipation.

Protocol  DMR Tier 3
Frequency 350-370MHz;400-470MHz(Customized)
Carrier Capacity 1-8
Transmission Dual optical fiber port
Time Synchronization GPS/Beidou/IEEE 1588 V2
Carrier Spacing ≥50kHz
Duplex Spacing 10 MHz
Power Supply   DC 48V/AC220V with external adapter
Power Consumption ≤550W
Operating Temperature  -40℃to+55℃
Storage Temperature    -40℃ to+85℃
Operating Humidity   5%RH to 100%RH
Atmospheric Pressure  70kPa to 106kPa
Protection Class   IP67
Wind Resistant    240Km/h
Lightning Protection Power supply port:20KA
Weight    <26Kg
Dimensions  435*340*157.5mm³
MTBF    ≥100,000h

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update: 2017-12-27

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