Narrowband & Convergent Communication Solution

LTE-PMR Solution

  • Public Safety Solution
  • Port Solution
  • Airport Solution
  • Fast Deployment Solution
  • Multimedia PoC Solution


Support LTE/PMR, realizing smooth transition from narrowband to wideband

Provide 150 Mbps downlink and 75 Mbps uplink throughput

Supports 1+1 backup for key units

Supports standalone mode to provide a stable and efficient service in case of an eTC malfunction

Supports flexible switch over to upgrade and expand capacity


Supports multiple modes and multiple standards, SDR architecture, LTE, PMR etc.

Supports enhanced DPD technology with high power amplification efficiency and high adjacent channel index

Supports wall-mount,post-mount,and tower-mount installation,saving resources

Adopts aviation connectors adaptive to harsh environments


Supports multiple modes and multiple standards,SDR architecture,LTE,PMR etc
Works as an outdoor base station or a standalone system
Supports multi-site networking and narrowband and broadband networking
Supports wall-mount,post-mount,and tower-mount installation,saving site resources
Adopts aviation connectors adaptive to harsh environments


Convergence with the narrowband network to achieve unified platform,management,and services
Support trunking services including private,group,and emergency call,message,location report,SN solution and E2E encryption
Safety, load sharing,multi-level redundant architecture,and two-way authentication AIE, VPN, Ipsec, and unified E2E encryption
Smooth evolution from MSO to eTC


Unified management of LTE and PMR trunking systems,integrating terminal management sub-systems
B/S architecture,exempt client installation,maintenance,upgrades
Supporting CentOS / Windows OSs, MySQL and Oracle DBs, and various hardware platforms
Data backup to ensure system security, redundant backup to ensure system availability,excellent permission management and user policies