Multi-unit Charger


Applicable to:

1) Can charge 6 radios or 6 batteries simultaneously and rapidly, and supports both thick and thin batteries. 
2) Capable of automatically recognizing the battery type and assign an appropriate mode; 
3) Capable of intelligently monitoring the information (voltage, temperature, etc.) during charging;
4) Capable of control over the voltage, current and temperature, in order to ensure the safety; 
5) Available for wall installation and multiple charger combination; 
6) Switching power adapter and power cord (which may vary in different countries) included in the kit.

Input: 100–240VAC 50/60Hz 1.5A 
Charge Current: 1000mA (per pocket) 
Dimension: 457 mm(L)*119 mm(W)*68 mm(H) 
Weight: about 1.6Kg

For shifts and labor-intensive activities (such as warehouse, property management, restaurant, supermarket and enterprise). 
Applicable for: PD70X, PD78X, PT580H and PD79X Ex