World’s First Hytera Plate On Road

World’s first "Hytera" plate has been recently put into use by Unicom Technology – Hytera’s authorized distributor in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, vehicle owner can apply customized plate number for private or commercial use. However, you have to obey some regulations before you finalize your customized plate number. For instance, your number can not contain the letters of the alphabet as I, O and Q; the to-be-used monogram in your plate number cannot conflict with the reserved combination like ‘AM’, ‘LC’, ‘ZG’ and etc; your plate number cannot contain same letters in a monogram like AAA, BBB. In one word, the path of this "Hytera" plate was never easy.

In spite of all those barriers, the "Hytera" plate was finally approved and is currently driving on the road. Let’s say congratulation to Unicom Technology and take a look at its recent fantastic run in Hong Kong.